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mcgarr-small-sizeTaking You From Looking To Living

You’ve started the search online, you’ve narrowed down what it is you’re looking for, you’ve liked a few homes, and watched them come and go…..and now it’s time to make the move!

Have us looking for you 24/7, have us networking and finding those off the market or yet to be listed properties. Need mortgage advice? Done. Home Inspector? Done. Movers? Done. Contractor Advice? Done. And the list goes on.

What Do I Bring To The Search?

  1. A Personal Approach - I’m your extension in to the Market, I use your vision to tailor this experience to your lifestyle, and my vision to find the best matches
  2. Vision – I have a keen eye for what makes a great property beside the obvious, As a Realtor I’ll be able to see that hidden gem, and warn you about potential issues
  3. Time – As clients of mine I have all the time in the world for you, your schedule is my schedule and we can work with whatever parameters you set.
  4. Knowledge – I can tell you everything you need to know about a property, the sales history, what issues it may have, what the historical trends are in the neighborhood, and what price makes sense
  5. Experience - I’ve been to the negotiating table, I know how to get the best price for you, and how to negotiate the best terms, I can make the experience seamless and stress free


“This will be an exciting time, as I Realtor I’m here to minimize the stress, enhance the experience, and focus our search on what matters to you. This is such an awesome time and I can guarantee you serious thoughts, and lots of laughs as well ”